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0   Purple Wave Auction Co    Manhattan  KS   866-608-9283


0 GoBob Pipe And Steel Corral Gates

GoBob Pipe And Steel  Corral Gates 
Strong, durable, safe and affordable. Coped & fitted pipe with full weld construction. Corral Gates-6 bar construction with weld on hinges. See our website for sizes and pricing. http://www.gobobpipe.com/heavydutygates.htm   GOBOB PIPE & STEEL SALES        855-490-9631


0 GoBob Pipe And Steel Pasture Gate

GoBob Pipe And Steel  Pasture Gate 
Pasture Gate hinge-mounts to wood or steel posts. All gates include chain and chain latch tab. GoBob gates are available in 2 foot increments from 4 foot to 20 footers.   GOBOB PIPE & STEEL SALES        855-490-9631

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