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AUCTION: 08/27/2014 ITEM: Cattle Guards livestock handling Equipment Portable loading chute hours/miles: 27532 Location Leon KS Go to purplewave.com for more Ag Equipment information.   Purple Wave Auction Co    Manhattan  KS   866-608-9283

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0 GoBob Pipe And Steel cattle guards

GoBob Pipe And Steel  cattle guards 
GoBob cattle guards are made from 100% NEW STEEL! We NEVER use "used" pipe in our cattle guards which means they will outlast you and me put together! AND they   GOBOB PIPE & STEEL SALES        855-490-9631

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2009 WILSON large gn

2009  WILSON  large gn  KS
rahide portable corrals 3 sizes avaailable standard, large,and super. call 785-386-8075 for specials and detials. NATION WIDE DELIVERY AVAILABLE   5-S Livestock Equipment    Selden  KS   785-386-8075

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